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Another fermenting airlock?

From what I have read I believe I know the answer, but would love some of you pros to give me your opinion. I have an American wheat 21 days in carboy, this evening i moved the carboy and then started getting activity in the airlock for a little while, I did take a gravity reading two days ago and it came out right on target (1.006). Am I right in thinking was just some gas being dislodged? Hoping to bottle tomorrow, thanks for all the help.

It is almost certainly just gas coming out of solution. That can be caused by a low pressure system coming through, by the ambient temperature rising, or by jostling the beer, although I wouldn’t think that last cause would continue past when the movement stopped.

The one other possibility is an infection has taken hold, but that is extremely unlikely and I wouldn’t worry about it unless you see other signs of such.

It happened again when I moved the carboy inside, I hope it’s not an infection but I’m guessing it would be bubbling regularly if that was the case.

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