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Another dang fruit question

Just picked some fresh Maine blackberries today and plan on using them in a beer someday… As far as sanitation goes, would it be fine to mash them up, strain the seeds out, then freeze the juice/purée? Then when I get around to using it, just thaw and dump it into a secondary… Does this sound fine? I am assuming that the freezing process would kill any bad mojo that could be in the berries and I shouldn’t have to boil…

Freezing won’t kill some bad mojo, but adding the fruit or juice to secondary which has alcohol should be okay. Don’t boil fruit, unless you want a cloudy beer. If you’re nervous heat the juice up to 170 or so and let it steep a half hour.

Awesome… Thanks!

I don’t know if the blackberries would stand up to it… you could give the a water wash followed by a quick dunk in StarSan. Should knock out the surface bugs.

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