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Another damned bubble question

2 Saturdays ago was supposed to be brew day for my Surly Bitter Brew. I had the yeast starter all ready to go when something came up and I had to delay. I put the starter in the fridge and didn’t get to brew until this past Saturday. All seemed fine until I noticed that the carboy was bubbling away in less than an hour! By Saturday evening it was going like mad! By Sunday morning you could have filled a car tire with the blowoff tube! Then activity slowed as suddenly as it started. By Monday there was maybe a bubble a munute. Tuesday, one every five minutes. Today I have only noticed one bubble but have been out most of the day. No! I didn’t take an initial gravity and now I can’t take cuz I broke the glass cylinder I take them in. Do you think it’s OK? Is this unusual? Thanks and sorry for just another damned bubble question.

What’s the fermentation temp? Ambient or beer.

71 degrees F is the temp of the wort. Thanks!

Couple of points:

1.) Your O.G. should be around 1.040… not exactly a high gravity beer.
2.) British ale 1335 is your yeast? That yeast strain flocculates quickly. (Clumps together and drops out of after fermenation.)

IOW, everything seems normal. Leave it in the primary at least 2 weeks. Also, replace your hydrometer.

Thanks man!!! I will do just as you say. And not much else!

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