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Another BIAB brewing?

Hello How does one prevent there bag from burning when using the BIAB method?

You bring the water to strike temperature, plus a few degrees for the loss of temp do to adding grains. Shut OFF the heat. Then you add the bag, clip it to the sides, and slowly add the grains stirring to break up the dough balls that form. Stir every 15 mins to move the grains around but keep the pot covered.
I insulate my put with Reflectix insulation that I got for $20 at my Lowes. With this I can easily hold temp for an hour.

I suggest you watch this…

If you’re trying to do a step up mash. You can get a strainer basket or false bottom for your pot. Or you can do your steps in your pot an dump the mash in a bag lined bucket to strain. If you’re just trying to keep it warm I just wrap my pot in an old blanket and it holds temp. Of course if you’re outside and it’s really cold line a cooler with the bag.

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Get a false bottom and a basket… Sneezles61

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