Anheuser-Busch and Super Bowl XLVII

Hello Everyone,

Stumbled onto this today while reading the paper:

“Anheuser-Busch Will Promote Two New Products in Super Bowl XLVII Ads”

Two more A B products I won’t be buying.

I heard it’s just an amber lager. Added a little coloring to the swill and they will sell millions of bottles. :?

[quote]It can be risky to try to introduce products during the Super Bowl because of all the marketing clamor on Super Bowl Sunday. Partying viewers, for instance, may be distracted and not paying full attention to the spots. So some marketers prefer to run commercials for brands that are already familiar.[/quote] :shock:

What there are news spots on our local news after the game dedicated to the ads run during the super bowl. Plus all the people watching just for the ads. Can we say das auto?


AKA Rebranded Amber Bock. Michelob sales have plummeted, maybe this is their way to shift the product into a better selling sector.

Ugh. Amber Bock. I used to love that beer when I first started drinking. Can’t stand it now. I’d drink Bud Light over it any day.

I’m curious about the Bud Black Crown though. I might try it just to see. I’m curious if/when the big brewers will actually put out a really good craft brew to really try to compete.