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And thar she blows!

This is a Mosaic DIPA we call Big Mo with WLP001. Temp was 67 F. Thought I heard something last night and found it this evening. Air lock on the floor and goo everywhere. Had about 1.5 to 2 gallons of headspace. Installed a blowoff and it’s pretty much a solid stream of gas. This beer kicks our butt every time.


Nice picture. Not too much of a dispersal pattern.

Wow! Thar she blows! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Out of curiousity what’s OG?


Supposed to be around 1.077 but we fell short for some reason and ended up around 1.062. I was really surprised to have this happen especially since we had the temp under control and the gravity was not off the charts. I did make a 1L starter with WLP001 and it was going pretty well when I pitched it. Funny thing is, this thing looked like a maelstrom in the jug on Wednesday evening but we had zero airlock activity. Still blowing like crazy this AM. Every time we make this beer something weird happens. :astonished:

VooDoo brew!! You had your timing with right with the starter… The growth phase was set… They had all their stars aligned… I hope you skimmed some yeast off that sucker… Sneezles61

You rang? er… maybe not :grin:

That picture Reminds me, I’m brewing the Plinian Legacy again today, and have a rocking US-05 SNSYS going to pitch into a brew that was 1.077, and 1.072 the last 2 rounds. Definitely going to have a Blow off tube going initially. Cheap insurance.


Ok I topped every mess I’ve ever made in one fell swoop and I just finished cleaning up.
I had harvested Saison Blend II from Yeast Bay a week into primary by transferring and putting the trub in a mason jar.
I looked into the fridge and the lid was bulging a few days later. Fast forward to today. I took it out of the fridge and opened it slightly, let some gas escape and then tightened. I did that 3 times, each time letting the lid be a little less tight. The last time I had barely touched the lid and the lid exploded off. The gusher covered my face, hit the walls, ceiling, couch, rug, counter tops, cabinets. You get the picture. We have 12’ high ceilings so you can imagine the force needed to get that high. My wife came in would have been ROLF if there hadn’t been trub all over the floor. Now that it’s cleaned up she pretty happy because we cleaned a lot of places that hadn’t been cleaned in a while… like the ceiling that I had to mop. :rolling_eyes:
Any suggestions on getting the trub fully out of my nose?

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That’s funny

I think the mess was compounded because the gusher went into the twin ceiling fans that then cast it about rather effectively.

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That’s even funnier

Too bad there’s no video!

At least it did blow against the wall. Happend once to me now for the first few days. Blowover hose.

Speaking of messes. I got home last night and put a little extra CO2 on a slightly under-carbed keg I have sitting next to the keezer which had a picnic faucet on it. I was careful to not go over 20 psi on it knowing the faucets won’t take much more than that. Took some growlers downstairs this AM and the fitting had leaked where the threaded nipple inserts into the plastic body. Looked to be a gallon of my favorite ESB on the floor of the mancave. What a sticky mess!

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