Anchor Liberty Clone

We are going to be brewing it on Wednesday. If our LHBS does not have W1272, which would work better for this beer S-04 or 05?

I know that it may seem like sacrilege to brew the beer without the proper yeast, but we are kind of stuck to what is in stock and a lot of time, and not enough time to order it and get it in on time.

US05 would be closer.

What recipe are you using?

The recipe is from Fermentation Riot. 10.5 Lbs 2-row, 1/2 Lb of Crystal 60, 6 ounces of Cascade hops (1 oz at 90, 1.5 at 50, 1 at 20, 1/2 oz at 1 min and 2 oz dry hops in the secondary). 70 Minute mash and 90 minute boil. I know that Anchor has said that it is a SMaSH beer, but what the hey, at least we are getting the SH part of it right.