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Amount of Head Space in Primary

Just started brewing (a few 1 gal. kits) and have picked up a lot of good info in this forum. I’m getting ready to brew the 1 gal. Bourbon Barrel Porter and have read a few reviews that warn of vigorous fermentation and to use a blowoff hose or a larger fermentor.

With very little head space in the 1 gal. jug to begin with, I was leaning towards using a larger fermentor but I only have a 6 gal. bucket as an option. I was wondering if there is such a thing as too much head space in the primary? (I know that it’s a whole other story in the secondary). I’ve read that it doesn’t really matter since CO2 is heavier than O2 and will form a protective layer against oxidation.

Any advice?

A two gallon bucket is perfect as a primary fermentor for a one gallon batch. A lot of bakeries and such get ingredients in those, so you may be able to pick up a used food-grade bucket from such a shop for free.

I’ve used 6 gallon buckets for 1 gallon batches as well. Works fine, but takes up a lot more room than is necessary…

I decided to roll the dice and use the 1 gal. jug…BIG mistake. I figured since I was fermenting at 65* ambient, not using a starter and using dry yeast along with a blowoff hose, I would be safe. Nope = that thing started slow but got going like a BEAST. Strting to slow down a little now; Probably lost about a bottle’s wort (12 oz.).

I’ll definitely get a hold of a 2 gal. bucket or just use the 6 gal. next time.

Live and learn- next time I’ll be more cautious. Better safe than sorry. :roll:

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