American Wheat looks dark

I brewed an American Wheat on 2/26. Racked to secondary on 3/9. The color looks extremely dark compared to the pic at N.B… I want to keg this on 4/9(six weeks). Please tell me this beer will get lighter in color.



If you brewed a extract kit they are generally little darker. Also beer tends to look darker in carboy or bucket with all the volume.

I’ve made the extract a few times. It you did the same, it will be a little lighter when you keg it but it is nothing like the picture on the site. Not even close.

That actually makes me feel more assured. Maybe N.B. should use an extract picture?

During my extract brewing days I noticed my full volume wort boils produced a much lighter colored beer than when I was using the partial boil method. Maybe the picture N.B used is from the full volume method ?? Just a thought. Cheers.

Adding the bulk of your extract late in the boil also helps lighten the color. Reserve 2/3 of your extract until the last 15 minutes of boil time…

how does that affect the taste/flavor?

It can reduce caramelization and scorched wort flavors.

More information here:

how does that affect the taste/flavor?[/quote]
Positively. Carmelizing your extract on the bottom of the pot is what’s throwing off the recipie. The late additions are bringing the flavor back in line with the recipe writer’s goals. That being said, the taste difference was too subtle for MY tastebuds. YMMV.

I also did a full boil.