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American Wheat Feedback/Help

I am currently playing with a recipe and would like a little feedback. I’m trying to create a semi hoppy/fruity american wheat. I have come up withe following recipe by making some substitutions to my normal American Wheat recipe.

4.5lbs 2Row
5lbs Belg Wheat Malt
.5lb Torrified Wheat
.5lb Caravienne

.75oz Amarillo 60mins
.75oz Amarillo 30mins
.5oz Amarillo 5mins
1oz Amarillo Dry Hopped
London ESB 1968

Calculations have come out to … OG of 1.055, IBU’s 32, and a estimated ABV right around 5%.

My main concern is using the ESB yeast in a wheat. I think it should give me a few of the flavors im looking for but I have never used it.

Any thoughts/comments are greatly appreciated.


Your recipe reminds me more of a Pale Ale with 50% wheat…If that is what you are envisioning then you are right on it. The beer can be whatever you want and your recipe here is a nice twist on wheat. Just a note, based on Amarillo AA 8.5% my calculations say that you will achieve about 48 IBUs with your hop bill and you mentioned your calcs were at 32…Someone please double check our math and dial us in here. At 48 i think you’re approaching IPA bitterness. At any rate this recipe reminds me of a Bells Solsun (Oberon) which is a rather hopped up brew for a summer wheat beer.

If you were looking to be more to style of an American wheat beer you could drop the hopping rate into the the 20s and your gravity down just a few and I’d say you have it nailed.

Smooth runnings…

Thanks for the input. I had the wrong numbers in my calculations. I dropped the ounces and brought the IBU’s down. I was looking for something around 30-32 almost to what you said…Pale ale with 50% wheat.

Im gonna give it a whirl and see what happens.

Still a little nervous with the ESB but I think it will come out good. Wither way its still beer!!

The ESB will do fine for you…maybe keep it on the cooler side to limit the ester production. Sounds like some good beer.


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