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American Wheat Extract: Specialty grains?

Hello folks. Looking to brew an American wheat with wheat DME and was wondering if anyone recommends steeping a bit of grain for some freshness and body or if I should just use DME? Maybe a pound or so of some wheat grain? A bunch or recipes that I looked at did not mention steeping any grains and I was wondering if they would be too “thin” in body. I am not experienced in brewing American wheats yet and was also wondering how dark (lovibond) is wheat DME if used solo? Thanks.

Brew a batch with only the extract and see how you like it, then decide if you want to add anything in the next batch.

I brewed a american wheat kit a couple of weeks a go with no grains and it turned out fine.I have done this kit before and it was good,If you keep your boil to a gentle roll it will turn out a little lighter in color.The more aggressive your boil the darker it will turn out.

I’ve used half gold malt lme and half wheat dme all at the 60 minute mark and it came out barely over 5 srm. Last time I made it I used 8 oz of caramel 20 and I think the flavor improved from the time before I didn’t. Next time (this weekend) I plan on adding of touch of flaked wheat for head retention. If you are only using dme, how big of a rolling boil won’t matter much on color. If using lme the sooner you add it the darker it will get. If I want to keep a beer lighter in color I’ll usually add my dme at the start and the lme at the 30 min mark. But you have to take into account hop utilization then. Side note. For some added kick I use a watermelon extract from LD Carlson in my American wheats for the summer time. 3oz for a 5 gal batch in the bottling bucket. Everyone loves it. Great hot weather beer.

And to answer your question. Wheat dme is at 3.0 srm. I think most is actaully 60% wheat and 40% barley mixture.

Next time (this weekend) I plan on adding of touch of flaked wheat for head retention.

Are you able to steep flaked or torrified wheat as a specialty grain?

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