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American Wheat extract question for a new brewer

So I am new to the whole brewing thing. I recently brewed and bottled the American Wheat extract kit. After waiting 2 weeks I have tried a few of the beers, it’s not bad. My question is this beer has a somewhat tart hop taste at the end of a sip. I’ve seen people say they have cut the “bittering hops” down to half. The 2 things in this kit are “1 oz Cascade and 1 oz Willamette”. Which one of this would i cut in half to help the tart hop taste? I plan to add some citrus flavor to this beer such as some Orange Zest. Can anyone help me with this? This was also my first brew so i’m slowly learning all this stuff. Thanks for any help in advance.

Let it sit for a few more weeks. The bite could mellow out some the longer it ages.

so let it sit in the bottle for say 3 weeks instead of 2? and also if i were to keg this from the 2 weeks it takes to ferment would it have that tart taste as well?

Tartness is probably just yeast in suspension. Try it again in a week. Also make sure you’re pouring it from the bottle, rather than drinking straight from it. Big difference in taste perception.

yeah i’ve been pouring it from the bottle into a clean glass. I will wait a week and try it then.

I’ve noticed with most of the beers I’ve bottled(that’s all of them) that 2 weeks = absolute minimum to get carbonation, and flavor is often not where I want it. 3 weeks is better, but 6 weeks seems to be my sweet spot. Most of the beers that I’ve thought ‘better luck next time’ at 3 weeks, have turned to ‘that’s really nice’ at 6 weeks.
To answer your other Qs:
1.I wouldn’t change that hop profile, but the Cascade would be more the “bittering” and the Williamette more “flavor”. Broad general rule , and you know what they say about rules being made to be broken.
2.Orange zest- I bottled a 'Blue Moon 'clone 2 weeks ago( and will taste next week). Added the zest of two oranges with 5 minutes left in the boil, and the juice from them at flameout. Added zest of one more about 4 days before bottling and that juice at bottling. Tasted pretty good at bottling.
The oranges were ‘Cara-cara’ variety. Someone posted a neat technique to get zest- use a peeler, and make sure you don’t get any of the white pith. The zest I added to the fermenter I did boil for about 5 minutes to sanitize.
Of course, if you’re looking to add orange flavor to this batch, you can always add that orange slice thing to the glass.

Be aware that any time you buy a kit, the times they give for when it will be ready are absolutely minimums. Beer is often better once it is given more time to clarify and settle, and if you start making wines or meads, that is even more true.

I’ve found that if you keep busy by brewing the next batch, you don’t get as impatient waiting for the current batch to be ready.

Thanks for the replies, I talked to a guy at work that brews and did a little research, I would agree with both of you, I think i opened them up a little to early. So the current batch of Hefe i just bottled i will let it sit for 3-6 weeks before I even go to drink it, guess it’s one of those lessons learned as a first time brewer. But I have 2 other kits on the way and hopefully soon I can start getting that down and upgrade to the partial kits. Thanks again for all the help.

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