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American Wheat Carbonation/

I’m new to the forum. I made my 1st Northern Brewer kit “American Wheat”. The beer tastes good, but has very low carbonation. I added the recomended 2/3 cup of priming sugar that I bought with the kit. I’m making Northern Brewer “Kolsch” today 10/23 and will probably bottle in a month. Do I need to maybe step up to 3/4 cup sugar next time. I have made 7 batches of beer, so I’m fairly new to this.

I had a blueberry wheat beer that took almost 4 weeks to carbonate. Let it sit at room temp. for a little longer.


Be very careful changing the recipe when it comes to priming sugars. Bottle bombs can turn a hobby into a stressor in a hurry.

Here’s what I use to determine the amount of sugar. Weigh it out (if possible) because it’s more accurate. In the beer temp field, use the warmest the beer got. If you fermented at 65* and then cold crashed at 32*, put 65*.


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