American Strong Ale

I had an amazing beer at a local brewery this weekend. It was labeled as an American Strong Ale pulling in at 9%abv. I did a little looking around and havnt found much information on this particular style of beer. It was an amberish color. I would say that it was similar to an scottish ale but not as sweet. I would love to brew one of these, Do any of you know anything about this type of beer or how do develop a recipe for it?

I’d personally look no farther than an arrogant bastard clone. To me it’s the defining beer for this style.

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That is a very good beer. This o e that I had less of an alcohol hit but plenty of body. Very similar in color to Arrogant Bastard

When I think American strong ale…I also think of AB…it tastes mean :slight_smile:

The new BYO has an article and recipies for this.