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American Stout

Crystal 60 or Crystal 80? Below is tentative recipe:

9.75 lbs - Marris Otter
.75 lb - Roasted Barley
.75 lb - Chocolate
.75 lb - Crystal * either 60 or 80
Columbus bittering
Cascade aroma
US-05 dry yeast

Doesn’t matter. If you’re not sure, I say use a little of both if you’ve got 'em. Otherwise my standard would be the 60. Then you can use any leftovers for other beers. Not too many recipes call for Crystal 80.

OK-now recommend Columbus, Magnum, or Chinook as bittering hop?


Seriously… whichever one you like is fine. Personally I would probably go with the one that has the highest alpha acid, and reserve the rest as finishing hops.

I like to use 80L in my brown and porter. I use 150L in my American stout.

personally i like to bitter with magnum for dark beers. id use C60, but that’s just preference. it will be good either way

I too like Magnum for my darks

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