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American Sanke style keg?

Hey All! One of my local micros is advertising 5.17 gallon kegs for sale for $65.00. Kegs are non-returnable…it says…“The hookup is a standard American sanke”…is this compatable with the soda keg system most of us are using? If so, this would be a great deal for me…my LHBS sells empty used kegs for $49.99…so if these are the same kegs…I can get 5 gallons of their beer for the equivalent of only $15!

For those interested/curious…here is the brewery and their advertisment for kegs…

Cheers and Happy brewing!!! :cheers:

Those are commercial “logs”. They are about the same size as a soft drink keg but have the fittings of a larger commercial beer keg, AKA Sanke. Yes you can use them but they are not as convenient for homebrewing as the Cornie soft drink kegs.

Thanks for clarifying that…I wasn’t sure want the Sanke style was…had these been the typical soda kegs it would have been an incredible deal!

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