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American Pale Ale

Howdy folks,
Please take a look at my new Pale recipe and offer any advice or comments. Has anyone used roasted barley in a Pale before and how did it turn out?

4# pale LME
1.5# dark DME
12 oz caramel 40l
8 oz munich light
4 oz white wheat malt
1 oz roasted barley

1oz Northern Brewer @ 60
1 oz Fuggles @ 60
1 oz Fuggles @ 15

US-05 yeast

15 SRM
38 IBU
OG 1.050

Thanks in advance!


If you care about staying to style. don’t use roasted barley (or dark DME, for that matter). If you do, you’ll make a beer, but it won’t be a pale ale. And if you want it to be an Am. pale ale, you need to use different hops.

Looks like a cross between an English Bitter and an American Brown. Use Light LME and DME and Chinook and Cascade hops, drop the roasted barley. You want your SRM to be 8-9 and IBU’s around 50+ with an OG of 1.060+. You have a decent recipe, but it is not close to an APA. Happy Brewing.

Pardon my faux pas guys, I’m new to this. I’m not really going for a particular style, just a tasty beverage. I love my stouts and thought the roasted barley might give a good kick. I know the hops are English, I’m also fond of bitters and pales. How would you label this? Keep the advice coming, I’m here to learn and grow in this wonderful endeavor. Thanks again!


I think you’ll have a nice bitter/brown ale… Make the APA next time

This ended up being a “Leftovers” beer. I did not use the Munich Malt, but everything else listed is in there. Did a reading yesterday, tasted the jar… this came out very much like an English Pale, so I guess that’s what I’m going with.

Thanks for the tips and comments, folks.

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