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American Pale Ale - Can it be saved?

I brewed a batch of the American Smash Pale Ale this morning. Followed the directions for the Bry dry yeast to rehydrate and added to wort. Wort has been sitting for about 5 hours and no foam cap on top. I am concerned it will not ferment, can it be saved? Or is this now a batch that has to be dumped?

Thanks in advance!

Rome wasnt built in a day :grinning:


Ok, I guess I just need to take a deep breat and see what tomorrow brings. :wink:

RDWHAHB. It all takes time. :grinning:

Patience. I have had some yeasts take 48 hours to kick off.

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You chime in tomorrow to tell us its started, eh? Sneezles61


Take a peak. Today. Some times takes a while. Before your brew becomes active. The way i do. I do my first peak around. 10 hours later. See if there is airlock. Or activity in the blowover hose. Jar. Next day check for krausen. Patience. Seems to be our friend

Sorry folks, I just wasn’t patient. All is good now and it has a nice foam cap and is bubbling.

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