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American Lager Extract Kit

The NB American Lager Extract Kit directions say to chill the wort to as close to 56F as possible and then it says the optimum temperature for the fermentation is 60F-72F?

Will this produce good beer? Is this correct for a lager yeast? ... nLager.pdf

Seems like strange instruction considering what they say about the optimum temps for the yeast. I would keep in in the mid 50’s myself.

I bet that was an oversight as they have the correct temps with the yeast. I, too, wouldn’t go over 52*.

Subtract 10 degrees from all the temps listed and you’re about right. 2007 does stay pretty clean in the higher end of it’s temperature range (you can even push the low 60’s and be passably clean), but I almost always prefer pitching in the mid 40’s and fermenting in the low 50’s for lagers.

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