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American Amber Question

I’m working on an American Amber recipe that I’ve got a few questions on.

I’m looking for this to be hop forward and more on the bitter rather than malty side. If I split my extract and do a late addition to help with bitterness, will I be missing out on extract caramelization that would lead to a nice red color in the final beer?

Also, I’m open to any suggestions on the recipe because it’s looking a little busy right now.

Here’s what I’ve got so far for the recipe:

2.5 gal boil / 5 gal batch
Est OG 1.058
Est FG 1.016
SRM 15
IBU 61.7
BU:GU 1.06
Est ABV 5.6%

3.3 lb Amber Liquid Extract
3.3 lb Amber Liquid Extract (late addition at 7 min for bitterness)
1 lb Crystal 40L
.5 lb Crystal 120L
.5 lb Victory malt
1 oz Chocolate malt (for color)
.5 tsp Wyeast Nutrient

60 min - 1 oz Horizon 13%
10 min - 1 oz Cascade 6%
10 min - 1 oz Centennial 9%
0 min - 1 oz Cascade 6%
0 min - 1 oz Centennial 9%

2 packs Safale US-05

Thanks as always for the help!

It’s a bit heavy on the crystal if you ask me.

I actually tweaked the recipe a little: 6.6 lbs Pale LME, 0.5 lbs Crystal 40L, .5 lbs Crystal 120L, and .5 lbs Victory Malt. Doing a single extract addition rather than splitting it into two with a late addition dropped the IBUs to 45 which I’m fine with. The rest of the calculations are essentially the same.

Is this a little more in line with style and the flavor profile I was going for?

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