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American Ale & Belgian Abbey Switchero (whoops)

After making yeast starters for both the Wyeast American Ale & Wyeast Belgian Abbey. I brewed up The Chinook IPA and the Belgian Dubbel. When ready to pitch the yeast I accidentally grabbed the Wyeast Belgian Abbey for the Chinook IPA and dumped it in. WHOOPS! And since I was ready to pitch for my other batch that was ready (the Belgian Dubbel) I just went ahead and pitched the American Ale Wyeast.

Does anyone see a large problem by doing so? Anyone have any idea of what to expect in fermentation and flavor?

Long time lurker of this board and 20+ Batches behind me. This is my first post since this is pretty unique error. I appreciate the feedback. THANKS!

Well, it’ll be beer :smiley:

The Dubbel is not going to taste much like a Dubbel because it will lack all the estery goodness that is inherent to the style. The yeast flavor is such a major component of the style, I’m not sure what it will be like made such a clean yeast. I guess it will end up like a bigger American brown ale.

As for the Belgian IPA, I think that could end up an intriguing beer. What temperature are you fermenting it at? I would suggest maybe keeping it colder to start which will help mellow out the abbey ale and keep the beer cleaner and then ramp to ensure good attenuation if you have that capability.


Thank you for your response! I’m currently fermenting at around 63-65 degrees and it looks like both beers are having really strong fermentations. I’m quite excited to see how it turns out!

Who knows? Could be a happy mistake in the end.

I’m hoping so! I’ve been doing a bit of research on belgian ipa’s and I have been hearing some good things.

I liked NEw Belgium Belgo IPA. I dont love their beers but it wasnt half bad.

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