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American Ale and California Yeast Liquid Question

I planned on making a brown ale with Cali Lager yeast at ale temps. I bought my yeast and made my starter the day before my brew day. Brew day comes and the starter had no activity. So I run the LHBS and pick up some 1056. I pitch the yeast and the beer was booming this morning. I also took a peek at the starter (never threw it out) and it too was bubbling. Now the question. Do I pitch the starter with the lager yeast into the already fermenting ale? Temps are favorable for both yeast types. Can I toss the starter in the fridge and allow it to go dormant and use it again? any advice would be helpful.

I wouldn’t pitch it in my opinion you already have 1056 fermenting away. I would keep the cali in the fridge covered and use it next batch of beer you brew.

Let the starter finish up. Give it a swirl as often as you can until while it’s active. When it’s done put in the fridge until your next brew day.

Thanks for all the help. I think I’ll stash it away once it finishes. It will give me a reason to brew again!

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