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Ambient room temps

i just finished brewing a partial mash american ale, and realized that none of the rooms in my house are below 80 on a good day. I live in New Orleans, in a 100 yr old house w/o central air ( or heat) but I do have window units.What are my chances of this coming out drinkable,or what can I do to keep it from becoming undrinkable?

Put your fermentor into a bucket or tub of water. Put a thermometer into the water, and add ice to get the water down to about 60-65 degrees. Add ice periodically to keep the water in the tub/bucket in the 60-65 degree range. Freezing water in in a bunch of soda bottles and swapping them out periodically in the tub of water also works well.

How long should I keep this going?

Keep the beer in the 65 degree range until fermentation slows considerably. After fermentation is reaching completion, it is ok to let the beer warm up to ambient before bottling/kegging.

I can do that.


Here are some variations on keeping the brew cool during fermentation.

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