Amber bock

Has anyone ever brewed an extract amber bock from Mid West. If so I was wondering if u could share some fermenting tips . I used us05 and im currently fermenting @ 62 degrees. I wanna hold that for 2 weeks then id like to bottle this batch , all my kegs are full. Does this sound like a good schedule.

You used US-05? Then you didn’t really make a bock. Bocks are lagers. And you used an ale yeast.

What’s the OG?
Typically I’ll leave all my beers at least 3 weeks. But I did just brew a 1.045 beer that fermented a week and was drinking it by day 9.

You want to be sure fermentation is complete and that you give at least 3 days after for the yeast to tidy up.

I posted earlier that I used us05 and its actually safale 23. So it is a lager. I check my temp in the ferment chamber and i have about 60. Ill bump it down just a tad. This is my first bock beer. Id like to bottle this one.