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Amarillo Hops gone bad?

My buddy gave me afew lbs of Amarillo. Smelled fine when i picked them up brought them home and brewed not to long after.

This afternoon i drank my 1st bottle…awful i had a smell of diesel, which im sure comes from the amarillo hops being old and on top of this i had a killer head ache for about 2 hours. As i can recall every test i ran was good but i did not record the gravity or the alcohol %.

What could have happened?

Tonight i will be brewing the same recipe to see if i can get the same results but this time i will be recording all data.

What temp did you ferment at? If you fermented too warm you may have produced fusel alcohol, which smells like jet fuel and will give you a bad headache.

My garage temp stays around 68-72 degrees. The 4 degree shift is due to the cheap ac unites i have installed. Something i hope to fix one day soon. I even have to box fans one at each end of my garage to keep the air moving. But alas something has happened. Now that you ask that im starting to think my temp reads might not be turning on in time to keep the garage cool.

If the temp in the garage was 72 the beer temp during active fermentation could have been 75+. For most ales try to keep beer temp 68 or below, you can put the fermentor in a large tub (the ones people put kegs in for party’s) with a few gallons of water and frozen water bottles help maintain temp.

Great idea ! I will try that with this 2nd brew. Thank you !

Its good to know this was my first thought too, means I must be learning something. Was going to answer but figured I’d see what the vets said. :cheers:

“Headache” immediately brings fusels to mind - a properly crafted homebrew will never give you a headache. :wink:

I hear that. I became pretty upset with myself.

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