Amarillo and cascade pale ale

Any made a brew using Amarillo and cascade hops. Do they work well together?

God, yes.


Simcoe and amarillo are very good together also.

I actually just tapped one that used .5 oz of Magnum at 60 min, 2 oz of Amarillo and 1.5 oz. of Cascade late with 1 oz of each to dry hop (all whole leaf from 2012 harvest). It’s tasty, but personally I wouldn’t do it again. I think the flavor is a bit muddled. I love both of these hops so much that I prefer to keep them separate and make one of them the star of the show (either solo or combined with other lower alpha/oil varieties).

My personal taste: I like some Columbus to go along with these two, usually at FWH and/or at 20 minutes.