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Am I too old to homebrew?

I received my new NB catalog in the mail. As I’ve stated before that when the Dean sent me “that letter” I could always take a history course to rescue my GPA. I love the descriptions and base my future Brews on making something unique and with a story.
I can’t read the descriptions in the catlog. At 54 I need a magnifying glass to read them.
Holy Shnikeys I’m officially an old f*rt. next thing you know I’ll have one eye brow, be chasing the neighbor kids off the lawn, and wear plaid shorts around my chest.
You young guys ( anybody under 50 you know who you are) don’t understand this,but I’ve made the transition from people saying at my funeral “He died so Young” to “He had a good life”.
Well I’ve vented, I saved $165.00 on therapy, I’m off to NB to get the Patersbier kit to make this weekend.

No you are not too old. I’m 54 and brewing about 10 batches a year or so. Mainly teaching my son and his friends about brewing to keep the hobby going. I probably give out about half of what I brew.

Hell I’m only 39 and I already yell at the neighbor kids to get off my lawn.

No, but your getting to that age where moving a 5gallon carboy/keg is getting increasingly difficult. Ask me how I know. :wink:

Side note: That patersbier kit is awesome! I just brewed my own version 3 weeks ago. It’s a craft and BMC crowd pleaser!

And no, you’re not too old to brew. You just need a young guy around to help with the heavy lifting.

Damn - you better not be. I am 10 years behind you and am looking forward to many, many more years of brewing. As far as I know, you can only be “too young to brew.” Other than that, I think you are good to go.

Just be careful. Improperly made homebrew can be harmful to the frail and elderly. When it’s ready, better send a few samples over to me for analysis. :lol:

I’m glad to be considered a young guy at 47years old.

I’ve got another 4 months before I reach your designated old guy status of 50. My eyes just went bad a couple of years ago, I have ten pairs of cheater glasses but the ones in the bathroom with the NB catalog are the most important.

You are not to old to brew my friend. I am closer to 60 than 50 and am into it more than ever. It gives me something to do and keeps my mind sharp.My family and friends enjoy the benefits of my labor and the old relatives[before us Boomers] like the connection to the Old World type beers. Brew on Brother!

Strange, my beer has exactly the opposite effect on my mind.

yep your to old, being at your advanced age your bones are brittle and I would not want you to fall from over indulging, so I’m willing to take your beer off your hands for your health. After all I’m still a young guy at 53, you don’t go over the hill apparently till ya hit 54. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eye sight shouldnt be a sign of age. Im 20 and I have awful eyesight. Im wearing those magnifying telescope status lenses. You older gents know what I mean.

My father just turned 63 and I sent him all the everything necessary to get started… He’s in Fl. I’m in Ohio and we did a Extract together over SKYPE… It was totally awesome to Brew with my father even if there is 1,200 miles separating us… I can tell you he’s as giddy as boy opening his first Playboy…

One last thing! The beer doesn’t know how old you are…

Well partner. I’m 67 and been homebrewing for 40 years. I figure it’s the only thing that’s kept me alive this long. Remember “BEER SAVED THE WORLD”. Get yourself some equipment and start brewing. :cheers:

When I did my first batch in 1971 at the tender age of 19, little did I know that I’d still be doing it now, looking forward to 60.
Well, maybe I had an inkling…and I’m sure glad I stuck with it, given the great availability of ingredients and evolving knowledge and improved information out there.

In any case, it’s definitely been rewarding and tasty. Commercial beer long ago lost it’s mystique for me, and that’s just as well, given the inflated prices and uneven quality of so much of the commercial stuff out there now.
Homebrewing definitely rocks.
(even if my knees don’t anymore)

By the time I’m “too old” to brew my grandkids will be old enough to brew, under my strict supervision, of course. :lol:

Now that sounds like a plan. :cheers:

I’m a year behind you and just started brewing this month after 10 years of saying I wanted to start. Figured I better do while I was still alive. Currently have a Rum Porter in the secondary and a Rye Ale in the primary that I brewed this past Friday. Lifting that primary and moving it to the basement does make me wish I’d started this back maybe twenty years ago before the torn rotator cuffs and other old geezer induced ailments.

Brew On!

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