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Am I Infected?

I brewed my third batch today and was very careful with sterilization (or so I thought). Less than 5 hours after pouring the wort into the carboy, I noticed this on the inside of the carboy, right on the very top of the carboy opening. Is this an infection? If so, can the batch be saved? Sorry for the quality on the pictures.

A little after I posted this on another site, I soaked a paper towel in sanitizer, washed my hands, and opened the lid to the carboy. I did my best to wipe off what appeared to be bacterial colonies. I’m worried, however, that this just led to further infection. Any help would be appreciated.

With out an autoclave you can not achieve sterilization.

Why are you posting the same question on multiple message boards? Choose one you like and stick with it. :wink:

Looks like you used dry yeast and sprinkled it in dry.

Nighthawk is correct. That’s dry yeast that was sprinkled in and got stuck to the wet inside mouth of the carboy. You are fine.

Should I expect any consequential infection from my hasty decision to remove the growths from the inside of the carboy? I washed my hands before removing the lid, but did not soak them in sanitizer or anything.

If they grab pitchforks and torches you may have something to worry about.

You’re fine, don’t worry about it. From what you are describing I would say there is no more risk than any of the other normal steps in brewing. Proceed as normal.

Relax looks normal. Some dried yeast stuck in the neck of the bottles, no big deal. No need to remove it but the way you went about removing it sounds perfectly safe. Rdwhahb

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