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Aluminum pot

Does anyone here think that there is a difference using it vs. stainless.

For boiling your sort.


SS is heavier :lol:

there’s no difference. many very experienced brewers on this site have used aluminum for years. its a good time to go to home-depot for a turkey pot with propane burner (for very cheap!!!)

Thanks guys, I have a turkey fryer that I used for my first batch. It’s still in primary.
Borrowed a friends homebrew kit and have decided to get my own. (my wife said
go ahead). Just wanted to see if it was a necessity to have.
Saw a post a few days ago that someone said they thought it
it imparted or affected the taste. Guess I’ll order my starter kit. Onward and upward.

um, i’ve never boiled my sort :stuck_out_tongue:

first time using a new one, boil a full pot of water. When you clean it, make sure you just use some elbow grease and no cleaners. This will keep a layer over the aluminum to keep it from leeching any undesirable flavors to your wort.

Thanks guys

um, i’ve never boiled my sort :stuck_out_tongue: [/quote]
Pretty sure I’ve boiled your sort many times. Delicious!


I bought a 15 gallon aluminum pot
last spring and I love it. It weighs about half of what my converted keg does which is nice because I have to lug it up and down stairs on brew day.

I didn’t double check the the spelling, this tablet likes to change words that it dislikes
to one it prefers. Caught it doing that to wort before, just like this time dagnabit. You
should know that I am that wort of person.

Happy brewing,
Big AL

QUOTE: “and have decided to get my own. (my wife said go ahead)”

I remember when I started and my wife said go ahead thinking that will be a fun hobby for me…she’s regretting that now…hobby turned to an obsession that engulfed our little apartment! She still thinks it’s the cheapest way to drink beer, though!!

I get what you’re CCM. I can see that train a cummin, do I warn her or let it run her down!
Hmmmm…hope she doesn’t get hurt too bad.

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