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Aluminum or stainless steel?

I am confused about which is better for brewing - an aluminum stock pot or Stainless Steel? I’d like to hear from experienced brewers on this topic. Also, I never hear of ceramic / porcelain pots being used for brewing - is there a reason for not using it?

It really depends on how much you want to spend. Most aluminum pots are cheaper and work just fine. My neighbor uses a 22 gallon aluminum pot and makes great beer. I boil in a keggle (converted keg) which is steel and it also work well. As far and the ceramic and porcelain pots, you have to be careful that pieces don’t break off from the inside while brewing.

I won a lot of awards using an AL kettle before I moved to SS. Either one works well and doesn’t make any difference in beer quality.

I used an 8 gal enamel pot for about 5 yrs. Once it chips, you’ll expose your wort to bare steel (iron).

I now use SS, pretty much indestructible. Aluminum will be lighter, and possibly cheaper.

I used a aluminum turkey fryer for years with no problems before switching to SS you just have to boil water in it before you use it the first time.

I’m too cheap to spring for a SS. I have run literally hundreds of great batches through my 15 gal Al pot. About twice a year I will scrub the beerstone out and recure it, that is really the only downside of the Al is that you cannot take a scouring pad to it the way you can with SS. Well you can but then you have to recure the surface. It does heat up very fast and it is very light however. As for what works - either. I am considering trying to drill the side of my pot and (using silicon gaskets not welding) installing a spigot and themo.


I currently use stainless steel but will be moving to aluminum. Cheaper, lighter, and I feel stronger, especially the handle set ups I have seen.

I prefer aluminum pots, mainly due to the weight because I have to lug them up and down stairs when I brew.

I also started with ss and switched to al when I got my turkey fryer. both make good beer. Cheers

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