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Aluminum Keggle question

i recently had a buddy cut the top off an aluminum keg for me (and a hole for the spout) but someone said i"d have to make sure it was safe to brew in. i know aluminum doesn,t lead to Alzheimers but he said i might have to get it coated or something because its not made for cooking only storing liquids. so let me know if its safe to use please!

Kegs are generally made from stainless steel. Are you sure it’s aluminum?

Aluminum is fine. I have been using an aluminum kettle for years. Just don’t scrub it too hard with a scotchbrite pad. The whitish film (aluminum oxide) is a good thing. It keeps the aluminum from leaching into the brew, alleviating any remote worry about aluminum causing any health problems.

Yeah, he’s a welder and said he couldn’t weld a spout on it without some aluminum rods so he just cut me a hole so I could put in a weldless spout. Thanks for the advice guys!

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