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Alternative methods to watering hops

Hello all,

In the summer i will be out of the country for about 2 months (july & August) where internet connection will be hard to come by. and i just planted my first year hops (nugget, willamete, and goldings) The problem that I have is that I don’t trust my sister to water my hops because she will probably forget so i was trying to come up with alternative water techniques that wont break the bank. I was wondering if anybody has watered their hops using those watering cones ( … 93182.html) how well have they worked when you used them, or would it be better for me to set up a drip irrigation system with a timer ( … 96518.html). I live in Southern California near Los Angeles where the weather is hot +85F on summer days. Any help would be appreciated.

I would think a timer on your spigot with a drip line would be the easiest way.

I would use one of these with a dripper.

I live in L.A. too and I have my hops set up on a drip timer.

Thanks for the response guys that watering cone I bought was a POS I think I am going to go with the drip irrigation with timer.
@Deadeye How well does your timer with drip irrigation work and how often did you set timer to water your hops?

I have mine set up with the rest of the yard on a timer. Not sure what kind of setup you have in the yard. you should use one of these. it will strain out the junk.

Connected to one of these:
This way you can further adjust or remove the sprinkler from the line.

Connected to one of these:
This adjustable sprinkler is the best for adjusting the amount of water it gets.

Here is A pdf of how to set these up.Check out the one at the bottom.

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