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Alternate Ending release 2/22 in Eugene

If anyone out there happens to be in Eugene this Wed., 2/22, please drop by the Bier Stein (345 East 11th Avenue) and try the Beer I got to help brew at Beer Camp. The tapping is at 4 PM and it’s a fundraiser for our local food bank, FOOD for Lane County. If we sell all 3 kegs, we’ll provide 5400 meals!

Local homebrewer Denny Conn is turning his camp experience into a benefit for FOOD For Lane County. One of a select few to attend Sierra Nevada Brewing’s “Beer Camp” last November, Conn was able to participate in the brewing of a 20 barrel batch of beer. The result is an Americanized version of the German alt bier style. Camp participants are able to share in the results of their brewing experiences and Conn chose one of his favorite charities to benefit.

“Alternate Ending” will be on tap at The Bier Stein beginning February 22nd until all three of Conn’s kegs are sold. Because of Conn’s and The Bier Stein’s generosity, all proceeds from the special brew will be donated to FFLC. The specialty beer will be $5.00 per pint, which means each pint sold will provide the equivalent of 15 meals!

During the kick-off event there will also be drawings for Sierra Nevada Brewing merchandise, along with FFLC barrels to collect food donations.

That’s seriously cool. I wish I was close enough to come buy some beer.

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