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Altering the Cream Ale Extract Recipe

Hey all,

Been brewing for over a year now, mainly extract, and I’m looking to do a little experimenting. One of my first batches was the Cream Ale via NB. It turned out fantastic and was a crowd pleaser amongst family and friends. As I drank it I thought to myself that it would be a really amazing beer if it had more of a hop profile. Sort of like a hopped out, creamy, lighter sort of beer.

I’m still learning the ins and outs about how hops affect your beer in regards to boil time and/or dry hopping. I was hoping to ad a light, floral hop to this beer. Mainly change the smell and the finish. I am a pretty huge lover of hoppy beers, so I’m not afraid to go a little nuts with it (I’d rather produce too much of a result than not enough).

I assume dry hopping will be part of the equation, but what about adding some more hops to the boil? The recipe as is calls for 1oz of Cluster for 60mins, so there’s room for playing here I think. Any advice or ideas that may help me alter this one?


The last time I made this I tossed 2oz Cascade in for the last 10 minues of the boil. It tirned out great!

If you’re looking for flavor and aroma, consider late additions, dry hopping and maybe even a FWH.

With the cream ale, I would tend to stay noble with the hops.

[quote=“spykeratchet”]…maybe even a FWH.

…stay noble with the hops.[/quote]

Sorry, still learning. What do you mean by the above?

“Noble” hops are Spalt, Hallertauer, Tettnanger, and Saaz. Mostly a spicey, slightly floral lower AA hop. They are the original land races of hops from Europe.

Making a cream ale with more hops, is basically making a pale ale. The whole reason for cream ale is the restrained use of hops in a lighter ale.

FWH is first wort hopping. You add the hops to the kettle during your lautering process (pre-boil) so that they have a chance to steep for a bit before the boil starts.

+1 to cream ale having restrained hop character though.

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