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Altering recipe for whole hops

I have a supply of home grown, whole, dried and frozen nugget hops. I would really like to use this to brew a beer of some kind. Right now I am thinking of the NB SMASH American Session Ale. This recipe calls for .5 oz @ 60 min, .5oz @ 15min, 1oz @ 5min and 1 oz to dry hop with. I have read that I would need 10% for fresh hops vs. pellets. So this would = .55 oz @ 60, .55 @ 15, and 1.1 oz @ 5, and 1.1 for dry hopping. Is this correct? Is 10% the proper amount? Any thoughts on how this would turn out.

I am open to other suggestions to using this supply of hops.


Yeah, an extra 10% is about right. Also, you’ll need to use about an extra 10% volume because whole hops soak up a ton of your wort and don’t give it back, even if you squeeze the hop bag.

Be sure to use a hop bag. Those dang hop leaves will go everywhere.

Thanks, Dave for the reply.
Do you have experience with the nugget hops? I have not heard of them prior to my father-in-law randomly buying them and planting them. I have also not brewed the NB SMASH yet, I’m sure it is a good kit, but do you think my idea will work with substituting the nugget for the simcoe hops? How do you think the final product will be?

thanks, adam

I have never used Nugget, but some people like them. Seems like a good experimental brew. I might have to give them a shot sometime soon.

You mentioned using a hop bag for the boil which I’m sure is a good idea. However with the 3 additions of the hops that would have to be 3 separate hop bags?

Use a nice big bag, and keep the open end clipped to the top or handle of the kettle, and then you can fairly easily add your later hop additions to the same bag. In other words, don’t tie the bag shut and throw it in, but keep the open end out of the wort. It requires just a little bit of creativity but not too much.


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