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Alt yeast for Scottish

Making a clone of Black Douglas from beer recipe magazine. I don’t have Scottish but instead I have put in 2 oz of smoked malt and have the following yeasts available:

  1. European Ale (WL011)
  2. Nottingham Dry
  3. London 1028

Leaning towards the European to make it a little more malty but could just as easily pitch the Nottingham. Thoughts anyone?

The european Looks like a good match to me.
The Nottingham finishes very clean and a little dry for the style.
The london would be my second choice.

With that little smoke malt would won’t be able to notice it much after a few months in the bottle.
It ages out.

OK-have to drink it in a month or two then!

Or if it is too overpowering lay it down for a few months.

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