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Allow me to introduce myself

Hey everybody! I’ve frequented other homebrew forums for a while now and I’d like to learn from and contribute to this one. I’m a big fan of Northern Brewer and Brewing TV so this is the obvious transition.

A little bit about myself:

  • Been homebrewing for about 5 years, all-grain for 4
  • I like making weird stuff. I have an excellent Sahti recipe I would love to share

There’s more to me, I’m sure, but that’ll do for now. I’ll see you all out there!

Having recently moved o a place where just about everybody has a Finnish name but me, I’m pretty interested in that Sahti recipe and any tips you’ve got. I’m planning on brewing one this fall.

Well whether you’re going traditional or not, the best juniper results have been to boil the branches in your mash liquor as well as lauter through fresh branches.

But my recipe is as such:

5# US 2-row
2# Rye Malt
1# Munich Malt
0.75# Crystal 120L

0.5oz Cascade (6.9%) 60min
0.25oz Juniper Berries 60min
0.25oz Juniper Berries 15min
0.25oz Grains of Paradise 5min

1.5L starter of Wyeast 1272 Am. Ale II

Welcome. This is a great forum with lots of insightful members.

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