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All homebrewers should love costco beer

Long time brewer, first time poster…
My top reasons homebrewers should like the store brand “kirkland” ales from costco (no, i don’t work for costo…)
1 - It’s not bad. No, it’s not as good as your home brew and it’s not going to win a lot of awards, but they’re still pretty good. 6 ea of four craft ales.
2 - $$$ For the price of a case of mega-brew you can get 24 full-bodied ales without all the rice corn & fizzy water. $21-$22 at my local costco…
3 - bottles - The labels are a little stubborn, but an overnight soak and a scotch-bright gets you 24 nice pry-tops, dark brown. Generic with no raised lettering, great for giving to friends or entering in competition.
4 - 6-pack carriers. each case contains four 6-packs of different ales. The 4 carriers are generic white - no printing. Perfect for giving away six of your fav homebrew to friends - you could even apply your own label.
5 - I may be wrong about this, but I think some/all of the varieties are bottle conditioned - has anyone tried harvesting yeast from these?
What’s your $0.02 on kirkland ales?

I cant particularly argue with any of your points. I personally just prefer it when they have 24 packs of Celebration for around the 20$ mark for all the same reasons.

Kirkland also makes a great Asian Snack Mix, if that helps…

I imagine it’s similar to Dundee which is cheap and pretty well made.

Wow! I’d love to find Celebration Ale for around $20! Hell, I’d love to find Celebration Ale at ANY price!

Kirkland partners up with quality manufacturers, and that makes good business sense for both parties. I concur on their ales. Not bad, but it’s more like fill in during broke times in between ready homebrew. I think their IPA is probably the best out of them.

Actually, their Vodka is pretty good, too (and cheaper than Grey Goose). Their Tequila is ok.

My favorite non alcoholic product is their jeans. Good sturdy things for $13. But because they are Costco, finding the right size is nearly impossible. They have 10,000,000 of every size but mine!!!

its been a long time since ive had the kirkland beers(6+ months) but i liked the pale ale. It was my favorite of the 4, i thought it had more hop flavor than the ipa

No stores anywhere around NE PA. Rats…

Nor Cheyenne. :frowning:

I also remember hearing that they actually pay their employees above the industry standard. And, no, I do not work for Costco.

FWIW, their carbuying program (free with membership) is f’n awesome! We expected a couple of hundred off MSRP on a recent purchase, but to be honest, i would have accepted that as negotiation is such a pain in the a$$. Instead, we got to the dealer (lexus) and the salesman pulled out the secret costco pre-negotiated-price-book to show us the “costco” price: invoice +500.

Sure, back in the day, I would have loved a good all day nego battle to save $Ks, but not so much any more. We saved well over $2k with no negotiation effort plus got prefered financing plus rebates. :wink:


Bought some this weekend, onlyproblem is its bitterness overpowered the rest of the beer flavor on the amber ale and ipa

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