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All grain version of Midnight Beatdown Wheaten Porter?

Hi All,
had anyone made an all grain version of the Midnight Beatdown Wheaten Porter?
NB only sells a partial mash version,
I’ve made it and loved it!

now I’m doing all grain, and wondering how this recipe can be converted?
I’m not opposed to using a little extract, maybe 3#.
I have only a 5 gal mash tun, which tops out at about 11-12# grain.

here’s the PM recipe:
2# 2-row
1# flaked wheat
1# chocolate malt
.5# caramel malt

6# wheat malt syrup

and lots of hops



Northern brewer uses briess malt extracts.

Briess wheat lme is 65% wheat and 35% barley.

Assuming 75% mash efficiency you will replace the 6lbs lme with:
5.35 lbs malted wheat
2.85 lbs standard 2-row


Now, do I have to worry about all that wheat and a stuck mash?

It’s really close to 50/50. I have not had issues with 50/50 beers.

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