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All grain system

Thinking about putting a all grain system together. Think got almost everything. But what do i need more. Got my self two 20 gallon brew pots. So do think one more. And some transfer pumps. A false bottom. And. Pump conectors and valves. Welding a frame. What do i need more

Really depends on how you’re going to brew? I only use two kettles because I BIAB. One is HLT and the other is MT/BK. Assuming you’re going to use one kettle as HLT and mash in a kettle with false bottom(MT) then you’d need one more kettle for your BK.

How do you chill or plan to chill? I use a duda diesel 30 plate chiller and pump through it into the fermenters.

Burners? or electric brewing?

Gonna mash with fasle bottom. Using gasburners. For chilling got to use a ice bath. A chiller dont work here. The water way to warm. Avarage temp of water what comes out of the water pipe around 85 to 90 depends on the day

Get a chiller and recirculate your ice bath through it. I’m assuming your planning to do 10 gallon batches. That would take some time in an ice bath.

Yes the plan ten gallon trying to figur out the cooling system. Right now a six gallon worth. Cool down to about 80 pitch temp with five icebags about 10 min or even shorter. So some more ice. Will do it i hope. Even toying with the idea liqued nitrogin. Can buy this here on island.

That’s a typo right? You’re not pitching at 80 are you?

Typo around 70 thats the kveivk yeast

Why won’t you look at Denny’s style with a cooler. My brew friend uses that system and only one kettle. He will heat up enough water to mash in, then while mashing, heat up the remainder of his strike water and put in another cooler. He uses a pump to recirc., then pump into kettle, then the remainder of the strike water into the mash-tun recirc and into the kettle. Its very simple, he gets in the 80’s for efficiency. No heavy lifting. Sneezles61

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If using an immersion chiller…run the tap water through the chiller to get the wort from boiling down to say 110 degrees…then switch to the ice bath water for the final drop to the lower final temp.

Sounds like a plan right now do use lots of ice to bring them temp down. If i use water the lowest i can get its 90. Water pipe runs above ground.

Sunfish is on to something there, what about one of those plate chillers thats put into a cooler with ice over it? Maybe its called a jockey plate chiller? Yes, even the IC in a bucket would do fine. Sneezles61

I use NB’s Center of Gravity 3 tier system. Sitting here looking at it as I brew a German Roggenbier today. The HLT is at the top, of course. I use an insulated MT in the middle tier, and my boil kettle is at the bottom. During the mash, I use the BK, with about 3 gallons of water and a copper coil in it, as a HERMS setup. That gives me a recirculating mash, which filters the wort. During the mash, the HLT is being used to heat my sparge water, and later, during the boil, it will be used as a source for sanitizer to run through my plate chiller. During the summer, when the tap water isn’t as cool as I would like, I simply recirculate the mash through the chiller and back into the BK, until it’s getting cool enough, so that another pass through the chiller will have it at a safe pitching temp. That little step adds about 10-15 mins. Not bad, considering how much time it saves me later on, waiting for the wort to get cool enough on its own, to safely pitch.
My system is gas-fired right now, but I am thinking of switching to all-electric, and use a PID controller, which will automate things even more for me.
I have kind of duplicated Blichmann’s BrewEasy, I think, and really like the result. Were I to purchase an entire system now, I think I might go with the BrewEasy, but this has been acquired a bit at a time, over several years, and I can’t justify getting rid of all of it, to go with Blichmann’s setup. (Hmmm. Maybe if I win the lottery!)
I’d love to put a picture of my setup at work, but my computer is down right now, so cutting as pasting is not practical.

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