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All grain starter wort question

I was wanting to make some 1.035 starter wort. And I wanted to make it from american 2 row. I know this can be done with out any issue. But my question is that I wanted to make 3 gallons or so, to have on hand for later starter. Is this a dumb idea. I was thinking of freezing it in multiple smaller containers, 0.5gals each. And then just removing them and thawing them and then pitching the yeast for the starter.

Two main questions:

    Can I freeze the wort? Will it still be ok when thawed?
    Should I boil before I freeze? Or should I wait until it thaws and then boil>chill>pitch the day I make the starter?

Freeze, then boil when ready to use.

Canning it is another popular way to save starter wort.

awesome. Thanks a ton.

I boil the wort, then immediately pour it into a plastic container (milk jug) and seal it to pasteurize. Once it’s cooled I freeze it, then thaw and pitch when needed. No sense in re-boiling something that’s already nearly sterile, IMHO.

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