All-Grain Brew Gear

What are your “Must Have items” for All-Grain brewing?

What are your “nice to have items”?

Not trying to hijack the earlier thread, just thought it might be nice to have 2 topics for this, One for All-Grain brewing and one for Extract.

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You need the same stuff you need from the other thread plus a brew bag and long stem thermometer.

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Bench capper for the bottlers.

The two things that made the biggest difference to me on brew day - a quality grain mill and a temperature controller for strike/sparge water. I use a controllable sous-vide machine to heat water.

Over-rated? Fermentation temp control. :scream:

BUT ONLY because I brew by the seasons, and 9/10 times styles where it simply is not important to maintain precise temperatures. The 1/10 times that it does matter, I usually just buy that beer in the store. :imp:


Must have:
Grain Mill (my LHBS is 45 mins away)
Mash tun (I use Denny’s Cheap 'n Easy setup personally)
Extra pot for sparge water
Floor burner
Chiller (I use CFC)
Hydrometer or refractometer

Nice to have:
Thermopen (this borders on must for me)
SS mixstir or another method of aeration
Whirlpool arm in conjunction with immersion chiller for extended whirlpool hopstands
Stirplate for starters

Still on wishlist:
PH meter
Water report
properly set up temperature controlled chamber under my stairs like MuellerBrau :innocent:

The single most important thing to have for my brewing hobby is an understanding spouse! :innocent: :joy:


I thought you meant essential as in bare minimum. Oh and you would also need a sack of malted grain. I have all that other stuff also probably at least two of everything.

Bare minimum: 20-quart stock pot, 15-quart stock pot, BIAB bag, good thermometer, and a kitchen stove are all that is needed for a 3-gallon AG recipe. Assuming you can get your recipe kitted and crushed at your local LHBS.

You can make good beer without Temperature controlled fermentation. But it had such an impact on output quality, it is a must-have in my book too.

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