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All. Done

New kegurator all done



Well done sir! Especially love the low profile Sankey tap on the right.

Use that one for forced carb. Now tomorow besides brew day have to move the old kegurator out of the house. During brew day

Out of envy…:dizzy_face:… Sneezles61

Pretty slick!

Are those liquid lines attached with zip ties? Never thought about that.

Yeah got lots of these at the dive shop. Buying hose clambs. A pain. Only big sizes. Here. Zip ties. Work perfect

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Beautiful build! Very clean. Do you use a tool to tighten the zip ties or just by hand?

Pair of needle nose pliers. Got one of these. Special tools as well. But does not really. Work. Zip tie. Easy to take off when i replace the beer lines.

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Nice, clean build @wilcolandzaat I love it!

Nice work man! Clean white cimple. Looks great!

Only thing got to create new drip tray. Got issues with my inkbird temp controller. Plug it in. Goes steaight to heathing. Dont get it cool. ???

There is actually a tool designed to tighten and clip off wire ties. Being a retired phone man I am probably one of the few people that has ever used one. It clips it clean so there is no sharp edge. Believe me you can get cut on them. That said we always cut them with spicing shears and tightened them by hand.

I would be careful using them instead of a worm gear clamp or Oetiker. They don’t always hold or have the same pressure all the way around.

EDIT: I forgot to say @wilcolandzaat that is a thing of beauty.

I’m familiar with the zip tie tightening gizmo. My wind techs used them. There must be about a million zip ties in a wind turbine. Lots of cables to secure. I’ve also cut myself on those cutoff ends so It’s nice the tool cuts them off blunt.

Some people are impressed with zip ties. I like the kegerator. What material is the riser?

You know what would work very nicely is Star Board marine grade polymer sheets.

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You mean the wooden ring. Did get the idea to build from a nb video. How to build a kegurator. Once i did build the ring. Did sand it smooth. After that did bring it to a. Car body shop. To spray paint. Did atach the. Door. So that the higes. Went into the ring. Not into the actual. Freezer. Height wise. Enough space. For the. Keg couplers

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