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All done

Pfff x mas over. Hope you all had fun. I did lots of food. And they did like my home brew. So now getting ready. For the last brew session of this year. A imperial. Lemmy bomber ale. Tomorow. A 1.060. Og. Fg. 1 010. Full of. Casacde hops. A secondfermenting. Add of. Jack daniels. And some more cetenial for dryhop. Got a guest brewer as well. My brew guru. On island at the moment.

Not only did I eat too much food, but the fridge is still packed with leftovers, no wonder so many start the New Year with diet and exercise resolutions. I’m just a white beard and red suit away from looking like Santa at this point.

I need to shop for odds-n-ends, but I’m planning on wrapping up the year with a 3-gallon AG @denny 's BVIP. Hoping to bring a growler or 2 to a Super Bowl party. I made it once before, and it was amazing. It was still tasty even after the vanilla faded. (BIP?) This time I hope to use actual 1450. I have 2 LHBSs within driving distance; yeast selection and freshness can be an annoyance for both. Last-minute yeast substitutions are fairly regular for me. :rage: But I still like supporting local shops when I can.

If you can’t get 1450, go for 1272. Not quite the same, but it was what I used before I ran across 1450.

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I sadly just poured the last of my second batch of BVIP this year for some friends who I promised samples to a few weeks back. They just go to try them yesterday and were very happy that they got to try some. :innocent: I used 1450 on my first batch back in January and used WLP0001 on this recent batch as my LHBS was out of 1450. Scored a handle of Maker’s Mark at a charity golf outing this past spring and used that in the keg, turned out wonderfully! Thanks again @denny for the great recipe!

Speaking of all done, we got the week off between Christmas and New Years so I de-labelled 100 bottles and bottled off Northy 12 (brewed June) and half of Wootstout (brewed March) before I ran out of caps. :disappointed: I’m going over to my LHBS today at lunch to get ingredients and another bag of caps to finish bottling that off tonight. I also got my Scotch Ale and Big Honkin’ Stout kegged (which due to sitting so long and temperature decline, appears to have backsucked some of the water out of my blowoff bucket :scream: so hopefully it turns out ok after carbing), which means my fermenters and 3 of my kegs are empty, which means. . .time to brew again!



So glad you enjoyed it Next time you can’t get 1450, look for 1272 instead. It’s got just a bit more character than 1056.

Will try this next week

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