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Not really worried yet, just more curious. Wednesday i made basically a belgian pale, 3 gal worth. Brewed, cooled, and pitched a very healthy looking 1L starter of Brett L. The starter took almost a week to finally get going, but it was strong when i pitched.

Wort sitting a cool 66F right now, and i have zero signs of visible fermentation. Now i know it’s only been two days since i pitched and i’ll get the hydro out around Sunday, but is a long lag time pretty common with all brett beers??

I’ve tried twice to ferment with only brett L, and got nothing. Like you, my starter looked good, but when I pitched it in the main batch the gravity dropped only a few points after a couple weeks. In both instances I had to supplement with brett C or a sac yeast.

I inquired on another forum about this, and was assured by other posters that they have had success fermenting with only brett L. But I haven’t experienced it.

Did you take a gravity reading in the starter? I didn’t, unfortunately.

Good luck.

I’ve only brewed with brett a couple times. The big thing I noticed was the lack of visible fermentation. Each time it didn’t look like it was fermenting at all, but low and behold after a couple weeks my gravity had dropped like a rock. Also, I read that Brett tends to like warmer temps, somewhere in the low 70’s… but that is only from stuff I have read, mine fermented in the upper 60’s. I would take a gravity reading and see where you at. If you haven’t dropped much, give a light swirl and warm it up a bit. Good luck!

Just an update, the Brett L finally took off after about 2 1/2 days. Bubbling like crazy now and popped my lid to find a very thick smelly krausen. All is good with Brett, just very slow to start. Rocking away now, i’ll take a reading after a week in the bucket. I plan on letting this set for 4 weeks then bottling up. From what i’ve read when pitching only Brett it tends to act like normal sacc and doesn’t super attentuate. i’ll keep you posted

p.s - i did raise my ferm temp into the high 60’s. Once it took off my strip read right at 71F.

[quote=“segroves”]p.s - i did raise my ferm temp into the high 60’s. Once it took off my strip read right at 71F.[/quote]Warmer temps help and next time, try it with a bigger starter, 2L at least.

Thanks for the update. I’ve made 5-6 batches with only brett C, and a couple with a mix of brett C and brett L, but my 2 attempts using only brett L were both duds. I’m glad to hear that it works as a primary fermenting strain.

I just picked up a vial of the White Labs special release “Brett B Trois”. … eries.html

I plan on using it as the primary yeast soon. I will gives updates as it goes. There was a recent interview on the Brewing Network Sunday Session with a brewer in Colorado that does a lot of Brett primary fermentation. I think it was from Crooked Stave. It was a pretty informative interview, and one thing I remember is that he treats the brett basically just a regular saccharomyces fermentation. He makes a regular starter, and said to be very patient. It can take a couple of weeks for the starter to fully ferment out.

As it only being my first time with all-Brett, it was driving me nutty just waiting and waiting and waiting… Patience is absolute key when working with Brett, like said before it took almost a full 3 days to get going in the ferm. My starter had activity but nothing like my normal starters either, even when swirled wasn’t super foamy like most.

The smells that came from my airlock the first couple days in primary were almost to much for me, but now she smells almost of cherries and deliciousness.

I’d really like to try the Brett Trois. Let me know how that goes!

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