All Amarillo at 10 Minutes?

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone has followed a hop schedule such as the one attached from Sean Paxton. I am setting up to brew an all amarillo next week and what I want is to keep the IBU’s on the “not too” bitter side and hopefully let the citrus and apricot characteristics shine through hugely. So, Sean is calling for 1 addition, 7 ounces at 10 minutes, and he’s hitting 61 IBU’s :shock:

I’m leaning toward a couple late additions splittin up 4 ounces total. Any experience on this? Any helpful suggestions?

Thanks, Mike

Ive done the single addition of all amarillo at 10 and its really tasty. I say do it.

Haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard of people having great results. I’m probably going to do this with Calientes (as I have about 10oz of them) and 2-row for a SMaSH.