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All About Hose!

I picked up a plate chiller today, and went back and retro-fitted my brew pot with the kettle valve to make everything easy to transfer.

I picked up some heavy duty 1/2" ID Vinyl tubing from Menards as well as a couple of garden hose leaders to get it all set.
My plan was to brew today, though I wanted to double check a few things before I got going - Mainly, the rating of the tubing I picked up.

I discovered it is only rated for temps up to 170, which is quite lower than the 212 my wort will be coming out at from the boil into the chiller.

So… Here’s the question… Whats the best type of line to use to handle those temperatures running into my plate chiller? I figure I’d get the same running out to my carboy to keep things consistent.

What have you all used, or are currently using. How does it work for your, and where would I find some?

Thanks! ... rmoplastic

This is what I use for hot wort. NB hose is thicker walled than hose I have purchased from other homebrew retailers. So, I recommend this stuff.

I’d buy it from a homebrew shop just because I don’t really know much about it. It’s not too pricey, silicone tubing. They list all the usage and temp ratings. You can save a little money buying from them, but really it depends how much you need.

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