Ale not clearing up

I have an ale in the secondary that does not want to clear up.
I normally use Wyeast liquid yeast but this batch was brewed with Windsor British style dry yeast. In the primary it went from OG 1.068 to 1.022.
After I transferred to the secondary it just sat there for 16 days and then suddenly the fermentation started again. After it reached 1.007 it still was very cloudy. After 4 weeks I put the carboy in a 50degree fridge, but still after 2 weeks the same cloudyness. Any hint in why and how to clarify would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Freddy

Next time leave it in the primary until it finishes fermentationg. A secondary is meant for conditioning, not fermenting.

You can drop the temp further and add unflavored geletin to get it crystal clear. There are some threads about using geletin. You can also google search how to use it. I’d offer more info on geletin, but don’t use it often at home

Another option would be to drop the temperature to 35 degrees F and let it sit for a week or two. That should clear it up

Extract or All Grain?

Is 1.007 a normal FG, i have never had a beer drop that low?

Ive gotten and seen lower. With Nottingham and S-05

+1 to nighthawks question

This is the first time I’m preparing this recipe and use this dry yeast, so I don’t know the FG. But I regularly get the FG under 1.005 with the Wyeast liquid yeasts. It’s a partial mash. Also I normally let it ferment in the primary for 10 days to 2 weeks, which normally brings it close to the FG except of course this time. I did not check the gravity before the transfer.
Anyway I’m going to lower the temp. to 35 and see after 2 weeks. If that does not help I’ll try working with gelatin (which I never did before).
Any negative effect on taste or head retention?
Thanks for the input sofar. I’ll keep you guys posted. Freddy.

that’s a pretty low gravity for extract. do you use simple sugars? what kind of beer is this? what yeast?

This started as the White house Honey Ale. Some of my non brewing friends asked me to make it. I pretty much followed the recipe as you can find in, but added about150 gram of Cara pils. And of course I have no access to white house honey so I used 550 grams of wildflower honey.

So typically people can add gelatin after cold crashing. Would it be best to get the beer up to around 60 or so before adding the gelatin or do you leave it around 35 degrees?

i guess the honey + a very attenuative yeast could have gotten it that low gravity. let me know how it turns out

as for the gelatin question: you add the gelatin cold