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Ale Fermentation

hey guys for an Ale fermentation 1st, plastic bucket then 2nd, glass carboy what is ideal tempeture?
right now my basement is 64 to 68 degree including bottled for 4 more weeks, should i look for something cooler? thanks

For an ale fermentation your basement temps will work fine. YOu might consider putting the bucket in a cooler or plastic tub with more water (swamp cooler) to prevent the temp from going higher due to the heat given off during fermentation. Also, I wouldn’t bother with a secondary on an ale, just ferment two weeks and bottle.

If you can get warmer for bottles, you should. Upper 70’s is a good temp for carbonating your beer in about 2 weeks. Bottles in the 60’s take 3-4 weeks to fully carbonate.

Yes I do bring my bottles upstairs where its closer to 70F.

depends on the style of ale & the yeast used. what are you brewing & what yeast are you using?

The ale im brewing is a partial grain Belgium Grand Cru with a 9.0 ABV the yeast i have is a wyeast 3463 forbidden frt 125mls should i make a starter with this or double up on the yeast

Starter would be preferable (and cheaper), that way the yeast is off and running. And you really want to keep the temp in check since a high gravity ferment can run away with itself (more sugar means faster ferment, faster means higher temp higher temp means faster ferment, etc).

I’d start the yeast off at 65F and let it rise gradually into the low 70’s. That means pulling it out of the swamp cooler after 3-4 days so the temp can rise slowly and/or maintain its temp for a full ten days to two weeks.

I never made a starter before could i get a little help on how to make one, as I said I Have a smack pack wyeast 3463 what would i need to make this and how long prior to brew day should i prepare it. Thanks for your help, Jim

A gallon jug with foil over the top would make a starter fermentor. Sanitize it first by your usual sanitizing method.

You add a half cup of DME to 2 quarts of water and boil it for ten minutes, then cool and pour it into the jug. “Cap” with the foil and when its cool shake it good to aerate, then pitch in the smack pack. Keep an eye on it, the Belgian yeasts can really foam up. Shake the jug every time you walk by it. When it is done and the yeast starts to drop, cold crash it in the frig and decant some of the beer off before pitching.

Theres probably directions for starters on the NB website.

About 5 days. 3 for the fermentation and 2 for the cold crashing.

I personally like to pitch while the yeast is still fermenting, so a few days in that case.

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