Alcohol percent

How can I tell what percent alcohol the extract kits are before I place my order.
Thank you

If the kit fermentables are LME, DME, and sugar this calculator will give you an estimation of ABV. The actual ABV will depend upon the final gravity. Sometimes a fermentation with the same fermentables will end with slightly different FGs depending on the yeast pitch rate, fermentation temperature , and time in the primary.

The calculator will be fairly close though unless the fermentation is stalled.

If you look at the recipe for the kit, under “additional information”, it gives you the expected OG of the kit. The last two digits of OG are the approximate alcohol percentage of the kit. For example, the Plinian Legacy has an OG of 1.070, which means it will have an ABV of 7-7.5% (ballpark).

Does this help?

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What @porkchop says is about the best you can do to estimate ABV pre-purchase; and given how many factors actually impact the final number, it’s surprisingly good, assuming you can brew to the target OG.

When you get extract kits, nailing the OG pretty much only depends on how accurately you can measure the top-off water. For all-grain recipies it’s a bit trickier.

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